Bevin Conner
Age early 30's
Occupation Prime Regent (formerly)
Position commoner
Title None
Home Drylliad, Carthya
Gender Male
Status: Dead Deceased
Appearances The False Prince,The Runaway King, and The Shadow Throne

Bevin Conner was an ex-regent of the Kingdom of Cathrya, and is the one responsible for all of the events in The False Prince,  

Physical Appearance Edit

Conner has dark brown hair, and a short beard.


Conner was the son of a previous Regent who he had inherited his position from. 

Unsatisfied with this power that the position gave him, he decides to pressure forth a civil war, by killing the Royal Family, with the aid of the Avenians, and staging the death of Prince Jaron.  

Years later, deciding that the uncertainty of Prince Jaron's death was something he would be able to capitalize on, decides to go around and find orphan boys who could masquerade as Prince Jaron, allowing him to control the throne from the shadows.  

After his plan is foiled by Sage, who turns out to be Prince Jaron in disguise, he is stripped of his status as a Regent, and is imprisoned in Drylliad.  

When the King of Avenia calls forth all of Cathrya's nobles and Jaron's friends to witness Jaron and Roden's execution at Farthenwood, he reveals that Conner will be ruling Cathrya, as a tributary to Avenia, and under its rule. 

Conner then chats with Jaron, revealing in code that Jaron's "many secrets" (his pirates that he ruled over as the Pirate King) were hiding inside the walls of Farthenwood. 

As the execution takes place, Conner sneaks Jaron a knife, allowing him to escape, and stage a blitz battle, with all his men regaining their weapons and turning the tide of the battle. 

At the final confrontation between Jaron and the Avenian King takes place, Conner takes a hit for Jaron, dying in the process. 


 Conner is able to use his words and power in the kingdom in order to sway things his way, but does not have any notable physical abilities. 

His was cunning enough to be able to trick everyone in all of the kingdoms, including Jaron, who was completely unsure of his allegiance.  



Conner is a power-hungry man, who knew he would not be able to ever receive it in Cathrya, unless he was able to do something drastic; (killing the royal family). In his own twisted way, he believed he was serving his country, until the very end. As for his personality, he is very secretive and cruel. But he, like most regents, can put on a show of being quite polite, hiding their power-hungry feelings.