The chat is where users may have relaxed conversations with other users. These rules are only here to maintain a welcoming environment.

Users must be registered with Wikia and accept their Terms of Use in order to use Chat.


1. When you use the chat, you may not:
2. Harass any other users of this wiki.
3. Post any links with sexual, violent, or otherwise offensive content, or bring those and similar topics into the discussion.
4. Impersonate any other user, including making multiple accounts or swapping avatars. 
5. Ask for personal information (address, password, etc.) from any user. 
6. Immoderately type in capital letters. Writing one or two words in all capital letters for emphasis is acceptable 
7. Use "swear words" or vulgar words. It is up to a Chat Moderator or Administrator if a word is being used in an offensive manner.
8. Post an immoderate number of emoticons, pictures, emojis, or gifs into chat. Using emoticons, pictures, or emojis in chat more than twice per sentence is considered immoderate.
9. Spam. Spam is the use of nonessential content that does not add to the current topic, tries to change the topic, or disrupts the current conversation. Examples of spam are: (1) advertisements (2) unnecessary code (3) false articles (4) recurring words, statements, links(to blogs or external sites) and requests for a staff position.
10. Try to deal with users failing to comply with these rules without Chat Moderator, Admin or Bureaucrat status. While it is appreciated, you cannot ban a user, so it will just create more disruption. Please instead alert a staff member.
11. Communicate in a language other than English. We acknowledge users from around the world, it is very hard for any staff member to observe in a language which they don't know/understand.

Other Courtesies

  • Use common sense and respect other users. Remember, treat others how you wish to be treated.
  • As the system lets users "private message," if you have a problem in a private message, remember that you can block people's messages or request a Chat Mod/Admin/Bureaucrat's help.
  • Topics not related to the Ascendance Trilogy must be temporarily put on hold if Ascendance Trilogy topics come up in the conversation.


Ascendance Trilogy Wiki Staff have the right to ban or kick a user from chat if the user does not conform to the rules above.