Cregan was one of Conner's menservants, and participated in helping him in The False Prince, before turning on him. 

Physical Appearance Edit

In the False Prince Cregan is described as short(A.K.A. shayanna depson size) and not much taller than Sage and shorter than Roden. He is surprisingly pale and has a thick crop of blond hair that he ties back at the nape of his neck. He is soft looking compared to Mott and not as muscular.


Cregan's family owed a debt to Conner, which resulted in Cregan working for Conner loyally. However, during the False Prince, when Conner was planning his plot, Cregan decided to turn on him. 

The False PrinceEdit

Cregan, along with Mott, helped Conner with his plot, taking all four boys from orphanages. When Latamer, one of the orphan boys, decided to back down from this plot, he was killed by Cregan, to the outrage and shock of Sage

He disliked Sage from the start, doing anything he could to make Sage's life miserable, even after Sage lost a precious horse that would cause Cregan to continue working for Conner for several years in order to pay off for the horse. He showed a favour to Roden, one of the other boys, and helped him, training him secretly. 

In the end, Cregan was killed by Mott, having turned on Conner with Roden, whom planned on murdering Sage.  


Cregan showed to be a good swordsman and rider, teaching the boys how to ride a horse, and training Roden secretly behind Conner's back, which resulted in Roden being a passably skilled swordsman. 


Cregan is a power-hungry man, who after working for so long for Conner, decided to use Conner's plan against him, training Roden up for the part of Prince Jaron, and then turning against Conner at the very last second. He is shown to be sly, knowing how to keep secrets and train Roden, as well as harsh, making Sage's life as miserable as he could, being more strict than Mott.