Drylliad is a walled city as well as capital of Carthya. For generations, it has been the royal seat of those ruling Carthya. It is conveniently in a central location relative to Carthya and is very close to both the Roving River and Falstan Lake. Drylliad is a location in The False Prince, The Runaway King, and The Shadow Throne.

The False PrinceEdit

Drylliad is the location where the regents met to announce the death of the King, Queen and the Crown Prince Darius, before witnessing the crowning of King Jaron Eckbert.

The Runaway KingEdit

Drylliad appeared in the beginning of the Runaway King. The funeral of King Jaron's family was held here, and a warning delivered to Jaron by Roden and an Avenian pirate.

The Shadow ThroneEdit

Drylliad is mentioned often during The Shadow Throne, due to fear of invasion by Avenia.