King Eckbert
Occupation Former King of Carthya
Title King (former)
Home Carthya
Gender Male
Status: Dead Deceased
Mentioned The False Prince
The Runaway King
King Eckbert was the former king of Carthya before his son, Jaron.


Born into the royal family as crown prince, Eckbert was always meant to be king. Raised as the heir to the throne, Eckbert's dreams of being a musician as a child was brought to an end by his father.

King of CarthyaEdit

When he was young, he met the educated Erin, who had been serving drinks to pay for her father's debts, in a small tavern at Pyrth. Enchanted by her beauty, charm, and loyalty to her family, Eckbert returned in disguise to see her, until she discovered out who he really was. Keeping it a secret between them, the two eventually engaged in a secret romance.

Eckbert eventually paid off her father's debts and brought Erin back with him to Drylliad and made her his queen.

In marriage, Eckbert and Erin were happy, but as king and queen they disagreed on how to rule Carthya. Erin saw enemies in the faces of those Eckbert sought to appease with favorable trade laws and by ignoring clear violations of treaties.