Imogen Eckbert
Age 15
Occupation Queen of Carthya
Position Queen of Carthya
Home Drylliad, Carthya
Gender Female
Appearances The False Prince
The Runaway King
The Shadow Throne

Imogen is one of Jaron Eckbert of Carthya best friends as well as his first love, who he meets at Bevin Conner's estate, Farthenwood. A year after The Shadow Throne takes place, she marries Jaron.


Imogen is the daughter of a widowed woman whom Conner had proposed marriage but she turned him away because she still loved her deceased husband. As revenge, Conner raised the rent on her family's home, putting them deep in debt to him. In order to pay off their debt, Imogen came to Farthenwood to work for him as a servant.

Conner had intended to marry Imogen, so to turn his attention away, Imogen pretended to be mute. Conner soon lost interest and assigned Imogen indefinitely to the kitchen. Despite this, the other servants mistreat Imogen, and other servants apparently, every time she is singled out or favored by those they serve.

The False PrinceEdit

Imogen catches Jaron's eye while serving them during their first dinner at Farthenwood. She ignores him when Jaron tries to talk to her, but is hurt by other servants when they notice the attention he is giving her.

Eventually, both bond, with Jaron doing all the talking as Imogen listened. When Jaron was tortured, however, Imogen finally revealed that she could in fact speak and begun helping him.

The Runaway KingEdit

Spoiler Alert: This section contains details and events that are relevant to the plot. Advance with discretion. ==== Imogen in the beginning of the book was, one of Jaron's servants, or what you could call helpers. Soon Jaron had figured out that Avenia was a threat, just as well as the pirates. She then was sent away by King Jaron to protect her--to show he had no bonding connection with her--so the Avenian army/the pirates wouldn't try to get her so that they could use her as a weapon against Jaron, as well as so that they wouldn't kill her nor him and be able to get away with it and bring him down.

Jaron goes on his journey to get rid of Devlin,--traveling with Erick and Fink-- soon to find Imogen as a kitchen girl there, just like in Farthenwood. Imogen soon explains to Jaron in private--but not to make it obvious that they had any connection--that Princess Amarinda had known that Jaron was going to leave on his own to get rid of the pirates, since he knew they were a threat, just as Avenia was. Jaron disapproves and explains himself of why she was sent away, soon their bond began to grow.

Toward the end of the book, the pirates had taken Jaron captive as he was going undercover as his cover he used since he was in the orphanage and throughout Farthenwood with Conner, "Sage". The pirates had found out how fond Jaron was of Imogen, and decided to use her as a weapon against him. Shortly after they tried to torture him witht he sight of Imogen being whipped, he challenges Devlin to a fight--since Devlin had wanted to fight him to be proven how good of a swordsman and a theif he was. So he was tested. Jaron ended up winning the fight, and he made an exchange for her being hurt and him being able to be in her place. A hearty small talk happens then between the two. Imogen expresses her fear for him, and Jaron tells her to get on Mystic--his horse he had taken with him to the pirates--and leave. She did so. 

At the end of the book, Jaron broke his leg from Roden's appearance with the pirates, claiming to want to finish the fight he started at the garden at the start of this book.

Imogen tends the young King's wounds and they began to talk of how Imogen would still not come to the castle with him and she knew she had to stay away so what had happened back with the pirates wouldn't happen to happen again. Jaron apparently knew her affections for him and was curious ("Imogen, do you love me?")

Imogen's answer was hidden in what her reply was. She had explained how she would make things difficult and he has to love Princess Amarinda and she'd get into his way of ruling. So in a way she said yes, but they just could not be together.

"The people love her Jaron, and they should."

Jaron there also hides his answer in what he says and his thoughts, telling of how it was true. 

In a nutshell, Imogen is one that Jaron would love--if he could--But the second to the last chapter, Princess Amarinda and Jaron have a private talk of their ruling together. He accepted her as his Queen, and informed her that he would be over Imogen very quickly. Although, we all know in his heart, he can't live without Imogen.

The Shadow ThroneEdit

Spoiler Alert: This section contains details and events that are relevant to the plot. Advance with discretion. Edit

At the end of The Runaway King, it is discovered that Libeth is destroyed and Imogen was taken by King Vargan. Jaron goes to the Avenian Camp to rescue her. Jaron finds out that Mott went in to save Imogen, but got caught in the process. When Jaron sneaks in by using his stolen bags of gunpowder and fire arrows from archers, he saves Mott and Imogen. Jaron runs until an archer aims at him. Imogen tackles the archer, forcing him to miss and saving Jarons life. Imogen then runs and makes the archer target her. Shes then shot in the chest and seen fallng from a cliff. Jaron believed that she was killed, until he finds her


"The people love her, Jaron, and they should. Choose me, and you would lose your people," -Imogen to Jaron about Amarinda in The Runaway King

"I can't remember a minute since we met that I haven't been in love with you" In oven to Jaron The Shadow Throne

Relationships Edit

King Jaron Eckbert III Edit

Imogen is good friends with Jaron. Imogen met him at Farthenwood in The False Prince. She and Jaron had a special relationship, Jaron protecting her whenever someone hurt her, and her revealing to him that she could talk. Jaron brought her to Drylliad and made her dead father a nobleman, making Imogen a nobleman's daughter. In The Runaway King, she gets sent away so Jaron could protect her, but she instead went to work as a serving girl, and to keep watch of Jaron. Imogen was devastated when Jaron sent her away from the pirates, terrified that the pirates would hurt or kill him. At the end of the book, Imogen gets kidnapped by King Vargan. At the end of the book, Imogen and Jaron marry.

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