"I was the Ascendant King, meant to rise. And so I would." - The Shadow Throne

Jaron Artolius Eckbert III is the king of Carthya as well as the Main character of the Ascendance Trilogy. Jaron is described to have "light brown hair with darker streaks underneath, a mischievous smile, and a hint of trouble in his bright green eyes." When he was Sage, he had long, dirty blond hair that fell over his eyes. He is said to be about the same age as Imogen; 15, but is stated to be 17 during The Shadow Throne. He and Imogen later get married a year after The Shadow Throne takes place. Eventually, he and Imogen have a child together.

Jaron Artolius Eckbert (III)

Jaron Edit

The Ascendant King
Occupation King of Cathrya

Pirate King (formerly)

Position King of Cathrya

Home Drylliad, Carthya

Gender Male

Eye Color Bright Green
Hair Color Light brown , with darker streaks underneath

Dirty blonde (As Sage)

Appearances The False Prince
The Runaway King
The Shadow Throne

History Edit

Soon after Jaron's 11 birthday, his parents called him for a private council. Geyln and Avenia was threatening war at the borders. The regents were threatening to depose of Eckbert. Jaron was merely a distraction and something had to be done. Eckbert found a school in Bymar for Jaron to attend. There, he would get an excellent education and teach him to be a proper prince. Jaron angrily protested. He swore to his father that he would run away and never would be found again. Eckbert retaliated saying that if he did not go, it would be the end for Carthya. Jaron's mother, Erin, plead for Jaron to accept his father's decision. To do it for Carthya, to do it for her. Jaron said that he yould leave for her own sake, but said that they would never see him ever again.He was angry, but he hadn't meant those words.On the day of his departure and on the boat, he caimed that he had seasick, so they had given him medicine and went below decks to rest. He never took the medicine and went out a small porthole in his room. They set sail, not being aware he was not on board. The ship was then attacked later that afternoon by Avenian pirates. A search was then made for survivors.There were none, they had either been killed fighting the pirates, or had drowned at sea. Since Jaron's body was never found, they made a search through Avenia and Carthya. Before long, most people believed that he had simply drowned and was at the bottom of the sea. On land, he quickly found out he had the skills to be able to blend in with Avenians. He was able to replicate the Avenian accent. He was familiar with accents and had studied enough of foreign cultures to live amongst them. On land, he pickpocketed for spare coins or worked off jobs when he found them. However, he still went hungry most days and spent most of his nights in the shadows, and hoped that he would go unnoticed by street thugs among the darkness. One day, Jaron had dropped a coin in an offering dish at a church. The priest had recognized him as the young prince, and had informed Darius, Jaron's older brother, because he had been searching for Jaron in a nearby town. To stall for time, the priest had extra food hand that if Jaron agreed to wash the church steps, he would let him stay the night. Darius then arrived early the next morning, alone. Over a small breakfast, Darius had explained the suffering the parents endured over the loss of Jaron. Jaron gladly would come home if they allowed him to come back. Darius said for Jaron to stay at the church and wait for Darius to ask their father what they should do. Darius then proceeded to leave and thanked the priest but informed him that the young boy was not the lost prince of Carthya. However, Darius has expressed that he still had pitied the boy and paid the priest to watch over the boy for one more week. At the end of the week, a man had come to meet with Jaron. If anyone asked, the priest would have said that he didn't know who he was, only that he was the air of someone with great importance. As far as they knew, the boy living at the church, was merely and orphan. They both had sat at pews and drew little attention to themselves. His father had tried to connect with his youngest son. Eventually, Jaron had asked his father if he could come home. His father had declined, saying that he could not come home. Jaron got angry at his father, saying that just because he ran, he would get disowned. His father had said that it's what his country demands of him now. If Jaron came home, Carthya would have to declare war on Avenia for attacking the ship. However, if he declared war on Avenia, Gelyn would most certainly align themselves with Avenia and would bearly surrounded by enemies, Carthya would not survive that war. If he remained missing, he can just say that they will not declare war until there is proof of his son's death. King Eckbert was aware that he had enemies within his castle and there were some regents that wanted the throne. If he declared war out of vengeance for Jaron, they might not support him. His father understood his duty, and if they regents get to him, the crown would be passed down to Darius. Jaron understood his duty. His father said that he should dye his hair lighter, and grow out his hair and Jaron suggested he could use his left hand, since he already preferred it that way. He went to the orphanages under the name Sage. He pretended and acted like a orphan, making sure no one knew his true identity, as the young prince of Carthya, Jaron.. When Conner found him and took him home, he met Roden and Tobias, two other orphans Conner picked up. There was a fourth boy (Latamer), but he was killed in an attempt to run away. Sage knew he was going to have to make an escape plan when Conner told them his true motives; to create a false prince.

Trivia Edit

  • Jaron was born on May 28th.
  • After Darius (eldest son of the king) died, Jaron (youngest son of the king) inherits his engagement to Princess Amarinda, who is the betrothed princess of Cathrya’s throne.
  • The mark of the Avenian Pirates is on Jaron’s forearm.
  • Jennifer A. Nielsen has confirmed that after the Shadow Throne, he and Imogen do have a child. No information about the child has been released.

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