Home Benton (formerly)
Gender Male
Status: Dead Deceased
Appearances The False Prince

Latamer was one of the four orphans that Conner gathered in the beginning of The False Prince.

A pale and sickly boy, Latamer shared his light brown hair other similar features with the chosen orphans. He lacked self-confidence and had an incurable cough. Latamer came from the same orphanage as Roden but, unlike Roden, he does not believe he has a chance with Conner due to his sickness and cowardly nature, which eventually led to his death.

Before delving deeper into the details of his plan, Conner offered each of the orphans a chance to leave. Latamer, feeling he is not up to the challenge, decided he should just be brought back the orphanage where he came from and walked back to the wagon towards Mott so he can leave. He is called out to by Sage, who sensed that something was wrong. Conner's bodyguard Cregan subsequently shot him with an arrow that pierced his heart and killed him.

After Latamer's death, the other orphan boys were left shaken. Conner used him as an example of how serious he is, which lead to Sage yelling at him as he believes Conner only brought Latamer to teach that lesson. The boys form an unspoken truce for a while due to his death, but after a while, the boys were eventually able to put Latamer's death past them.

In the end, Latamer is given justice when Sage, revealed as the true prince Jaron, ordered that Conner be arrested, including his murder as one of his many crimes.


  • His name may be based of Rockie, an Earthling title.