Libeth is a Carthyan town close to the border with Avenia . New Prime Regent Rulon Harlowe is from Libeth. The town is visited multiple times by Jaron and others during the course of The Runaway King . Libeth is said to be destroyed by the Avenians at the end of The Runaway King .

 The Runaway KingEdit

The town is visited multiple times during the book . Jaron saves Master Harlowe's grand daughter Nila from Avenian theives and brings her to Harlowe estate aswell as gives him news that hisson Mathisis dead . Afterward Jaron leads the theives here to prove himself , where he meets Mott and partly explains the situation . Afterwards near the end of the book Jaron and his band stop here , while Jaron stops here to fix his broken leg and recover at Harlowe's home . 


Libeth is a Carthyan town near the country's border with Avenia . The town is near bogs and swamps .