Orphanage: Two orphanages re visited in the False Prince novel, "Mrs.Turbeldy's Orphanage for Disadvantaged Boys" and "Gelvins Community Orphanage" Sage went to the Gelvins orphanage shortly, then after getting in hot water, was moved to Mrs.Turbeldy's. From there he was taken by Conner. Roden and Latamer are from the same orphanage, which was visited by Conner and his vigils before they retrieved Sage by force. sage says some of his orphanages could fit in Farthenwood. There are no windows, and the place is chock-full of rough boys, getting in fights and the sort.

The Woods: a brief stop is made here while traveling to Conner's Place (Farthenwood) here Latamer is killed, shot down by Cregan's arrow

Farthenwood: The location of which 3/4 of the book takes place, Conner's Mansion.

The Inn:

The Castle: