Mott is one of Conner's guards, and is said by himself to be Jaron's only friend.

Physical Description: Edit

In The False Prince Mott is described as tall, dark-skinned (Black), and nearly bald, and what little hair he did have was black and shaved to his scalp.


Mott is shown, at the beginning of the story, to be at the carriage that Latamer was walking to before his death. Later, he saves Sage after he is swept away by a wild horse, and teaches him to swordfight again, with Sage's relationship with him strengthening, as Mott was the only one who showed him any kind of sympathy.

Mott also tortured Sage when he refuses to hand a lump of imitator's gold to Conner.

However, in the end, he was the first one to figure out that Sage was actually Prince Jaron, right before they left for Drylliad. Mott served Sage now, killing off Cregan when he tried to attack Jaron.