Princess Amarinda of Bultain, niece of the King of Bymar (an ally country of Carthya), was the former fiancee betrothed to Crown Prince Darius.

Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Amarinda, but it is known that she is the niece of the King of Bymar, and to seal the alliance between the two countries, she was betrothed to whoever sat on the throne of Carthya. 

Originally, she was to marry Crown Prince Darius, but upon his death, she was now betrothed to the long-lost Prince Jaron.

The False PrinceEdit

During the False Prince, Conner invited her and her parents to his house in order to welcome her, and to show the three boys who they might marry should they end up King of Carthya

She was the only one who believed that all three were dead, despite Conner's reassurances, and strikes up a brief and hesitant friendship with Sage

However, it turned slightly sour when she found out that he was Prince Jaron (later King), though, after a talk, seemed to part with him on good relations. 

The Shadow ThroneEdit

In The Shadow Throne, Amarinda emerges as a key advisor and friend to King Jaron. Although they are still betrothed, Jaron confesses that he sees her as a a beautiful sister or wife. As Carthya's enemies approach, she insists on secretly journeying to Bymar to ask its King, her uncle, to send in troops to help Carthya. However, she decides to flee back to the capital city once rumours spread that Jaron is dead, being the closest thing to his heir. On her way back she reencounters him, Mott, and Tobias. They ride back together. During the battles, she acts as Tobias's assistant, comforting the wounded and fetching tools and medicine.

It is hinted - and later revealed - that Araminda and Jaron are in love. Tobias, while initially feeling hurt and displaced, quickly accepts this and gives them his blessing. As Tobias is a regent, the treaty between Carthya and Bymar would continue to stand as well.

By the end of the book, she and Jaron have been married several months before Tobias's and Imogen's wedding.


Princess Amarinda was a strong respectable princess, who did what was required of her. She is sharper than people usually think, knowing that all three members of the Royal Family of Carthya were dead, despite her parents not believing so. 

Because of this, she agreed to go to Carthya, Drylliad, and marry Prince Darius, unknown that he was dead.