Before The False PrinceEdit

When Jaron was born, Erin was delighted, with Jaron being more of his mother's child than his father, who had Darius. Jaron was more like his mother in appearance and personality, compared to his father, but was known as a disappointment to Carthya. However, privately, Erin loved Jaron, loving the fact that he would have more freedom compared to Darius, who was Crown Prince.

When the King of Mendenwal talked bad about Queen Erin behind her back, Jaron overheard, and challenged the King to a duel, of course losing, though no one of the reason why Jaron did so except for Lord Joth Kerwyn. 

Just before Jaron turned 11, he was sent off to a boarding school up north, but was supposedly killed in a fight with some pirates from Avenia. Erin was heartbroken, and even after her son and husband knew what happened to Jaron, they didn't share the information with Erin. 

A few months before the False Prince, she, Eckbert and Darius were killed by a poison, which would force Jaron to step up to the throne. 


Queen Erin often disagreed with King Eckbert(although they were a happy couple), on how to rule Carthya. She noticed enemies, while King Eckbert saw only his friends. She had a kind and loving personality. She was shown to be strong-willed and rebellious, though she was compassionate to those in need, as shown in the chapter of The False Prince that was Sage/Jaron's backstory.