Occupation Captain of the Carthyan Guard

Pirate King (formerly)

Position Captain of the Carthyan Guard
Home Drylliad, Carthya, and (formerly) Benton, Carthya
Gender Male
Appearances The False Prince
The Runaway King
The Shadow Throne

Roden Harlowe had competed for the throne in The False Prince. He is described as tan, healthy looking with dirty blonde hair and is the strongest of all the other boys. Throughout The False Prince, he is slow with his words and is unsure of his future.

The False PrinceEdit

Roden was originally from the same orphanage as Latamer, who was killed by Cregan as an example. 

He was one of the most desperate, along with Tobias, to be chosen, and was originally chosen, though because he was unable to do a trick that Prince Jaron did, Sage was chosen in his place to be the prince. 

Roden betrayed Jaron, having been secretly trained with Cregan, and the others at the end of the book. He challenged Jaron to a duel but was defeated. Roden had his life spared and was ordered to leave, and so he did but vouched to return.

The Runaway KingEdit

Roden is the main antagonist in this book. After leaving since the previous book, he became a pirate with vengeful anger towards Jaron. As revenge for his humiliating defeat, he planned to destroy Carthya and kill Jaron.

Roden was off at sea but return when whispered of the name Sage reached his ears. He killed Devlin to becomes the Pirate King. He captures Jaron in exchange for Imogen's freedom and Jaron is put in jail. He has a plan for Jaron but is afraid that Jaron will escape the prison. He breaks Jaron's right leg but Jaron escapes the prison and challenges Roden as King of Pirates. He asks Roden to become captain of the guard after he wins the fight, resulting in him and Jaron becoming good friends, with Jaron naming Roden Captain of the Carthyan Guard.

The Shadow ThroneEdit

Roden and Jaron friendship grew. The new Captain of the Guard won countless wars for Carthya. However, Roden was captured and sentenced to hanging with Jaron. Fortunately Jaron saves both of them and Jaron reveals to him that Rulon Harlowe is his father.